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Tornado Safety

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 With tornado season quickly approaching, May to July, tornado safety is important to review. 

Ways to prepare for a tornado:

     - Know the signs of a tornado

     - Sign up for your local alerting systems

     - Pay attention to weather reports

     - Identify and practice going to a shelter

     - Plan for a long-term stay or shelter in place. Be prepared and have emergency supplies.

Ways to stay safe during a tornado:

     - Immediately go to a safe location that you have identified 

     - Continue to monitor your local weather updates 

     - Protect yourself by using objects to shelter yourself 

     - Do not try to outrun a tornado in a vehicle 

Ways to stay safe after a tornado:

     - Stay away from downed or broken utility lines

     - Wear appropriate gear during clean up 

     - If you are injured or sick, seek medical attention immediately

** All information included in this section is found on the FEMA website**

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