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Fire Prevention Week

This week, October 4th-10th, is National Fire Prevention week. During this week daily posts with statistics, tips, and activities will be posted.

Todays information will be focused on safety in the kitchen. With the majority of fires in residential buildings starting in this area, it is important to know where the risks come.

Todays statistic:

From 2016 to 2018, an estimated average of 189,300 cooking related fires occurs in residential buildings. With these 189,300 fires causing approximately 170 deaths, 3,300 injuries, and over $440 million dollars in property loss.

Todays tips:

- Utilize the timer to help remind you that you are cooking

- Move anything that can burn away from the stove top before turning it on, including but not limited to; dish towels, curtains, paper, boxes, and bags.

- When cooking with oil, be sure to keep a lid or cookie sheet near by. Oil fires quickly spread when water is added. If a flame appears in your pot put the lid or cookie sheet over it and remove it from the heat.

Todays activities:

Find the general hazards and fire hazards in this kitchen. Keep a total or print out the page and circle what you find. Comment below how many hazards you and your family find.

All information and statistics from:

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